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The unique formulation of Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid, represents a new, powerful and effective remedy for the veterinarian, who faces many skin problems in dogs and cats.

For use of the Veterinarian.

Its unique formulation is based on active ingredients contained in microsomes, which protect and release them at the required time, to exert their therapeutic effects both on the skin and fur during use, allowing its activity to remain still after bathing.

the ingredients of Vetriderm Shampoo dermatological Solid, are widely recognized for their characteristics in dermatology, cosmetology and therapeutic.

the content of colloidal Avena sativa and flakes, provides an excellent soothing itch (antipruritic) effect and is a keratolytic natural, with moderate exfoliate action that helps to remove layers of dead cells and cell regeneration.

the allantoin contained in its formula, is a ureídico derivative that promotes healing and cell regeneration, which helps eliminate dead cells favoring the re - epithelialization , is an anti - irritant protective agent for its effect keratolytic helps soften the skin, and is commonly used in seborrheic and exantematosos states.

the natural extracts of Aloe vera and Matricaria chamomilla, rich in flavonoids, antioxidants and bisabolol have been recognized and used in dermatology since time immemorial, due to its anti - inflammatory, moisturizing and emollient effects that protect the skin from aggressive factors such as UV rays, ozone and others. Its antiinflammatory effect is due to the adjustment and stabilization of membranes in neutrophils, macrophages , and other phagocytes that are responsible for the release of cyclic prostenoids, causing itching, oxidation and cell death.

The rich phospholipid content lectin purified natural and essential oils of formula Vetriderm dermatological shampoo Solid, help regulate the content of intertegumentarios lipids necessary for the water barrier of the skin, also favor the equilibrium of skin lipids, removing excess thereof.

Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid contains FHN (Factor Moisturizer Natural) with high content of glycerol, which helps animals with fur and rough skin, dry, dandruff or scales, for its rehydrating and emollient effect.

The fatty acid mixture provides moisturizing qualities and softeners, which benefit the skin of pets, giving them a pleasant, fresh feeling of relief to irritated or abraded skin.

the PreventrolM.R. (triclocarban), exclusive ingredient in the Bayer research for use in dermatology and cosmetics, provides a potent effect of bacterial and fungal annihilation, which drastically reduces the number of pathogens, saprophytes and other opportunistic nomadic microorganisms that can be found in the skin; is characterized by its high tolerance, speed of action and broad spectrum including Gram (+) bacteria and Gram (-). Of particular importance is its powerful action against Staphylococcus intermedius bacteria causing pyoderma in dogs; its effect also eliminates dermatophytes in pets, avoiding the possible transmission to humans. Its power is equal to that used in surgical soaps.

Foaming and saponifying agents, are designed to provide a cleansing effect, adjusting to the delicate skin of the dog and its pH. Its controlled foam production, aids the release of the active ingredients, from microsomes containing allowing its action lasts skin and coat by adsorbing loads, even after being enjugados with water.

100 gr tablet.

Topical application.

For best effect it is recommended soaping animals and leave the soap for a few minutes, rinse with water and repeat the operation.


Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid is indicated for frequent cleaning, care, protection of the skin and coat healthy dogs and cats, as well as an adjunct to control:

• skin and wound infections
• fungal and bacterial infections
• Eczema
• dry seborrhea
• seborrhea
• dermatophytes
• Disorders of keratinization
• Dermatitis
• Acne
• superficial and deep pyoderma

The special formula Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid is designed for frequent use on pets, because every time it is used, improves hair silkiness and protects skin due to its rehydrating features.

Maintains normal layer of skin lipids. In infections and seborrhoeic disorders frequency of use should be adjusted to the desired effects.

The Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid is characterized by forming a cream rich low foam, which allows greater contact of the therapeutic active when and where needed. This revolutionary formula contains elements that favor nutrition, metabolism, cleansing, protection and regeneration of the skin epithelium and coat, as well as the elimination of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

The combination of active ingredients of Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid, has powerful antipruritic, antioxidant and anti - inflammatory effects occurring with a quick and noticeable relief of animals.

Under the action of Vetriderm Shampoo Dermatological Solid, skin and coat recover quickly, helps control infectious conditions and skin disorders, which can provoke severe injuries and self - mutilation, if not properly controlled.

*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.



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