Bolfo Shampoo - Propoxur 350 ml.

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The effect of Bolfo shampoo is displayed during application, affecting lice and fleas, which die in contact with the product as it is formulated based carbamate. For exclusive use of the Veterinarian. Propoxur 0.1%. Bolfo shampoo is high quality and pH adjusted, specially designed for the delicate skin of the dog and cat containing 100 mg of propoxur. 350 ml container. The shampoo ectoparasiticide Bolfo shampoo is topical application, massaging the wet skin of the animal into a rich lather; allowed to stand for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinsed the animal and the operation is repeated. Then dry the animal. Manage the amount of shampoo needed to achieve a rich lather. Indications Bolfo shampoo is suitable for cleaning and protection of dogs and cats that are affected by fleas and lice infestations. Bolfo shampoo gives shine and smoothness to the coat special and pleasant smell. When rinsing the foam the active substance is eliminated, thus to avoid reinfestation, the subsequent use of recommended Bolfo talc. *Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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