Balsamo Blanco - methyl 100gr.

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Each 1 g contains:
camphor 50 mg
Menthol 20
Saliciato mg of methyl 100 mg
oil of cedar 23 mg
oxide of zinc 100 mg
Eucalyptol 80 mg
lanolin anhydrous 25 mg
vehicle c.b.p.... 3%
Presentation: 100 to 240 grams jar.

Description: Ointment with action desinflamatoria and rubefacient, useful as coadjuvant in the treatment of udders inflamed by ailments such as: mastitis, udders cracked, and wounds caused by blows, muscular inflammations and joints, sprains and sprains, as well as rheumatism in general.

Indications: treatment of inflammation of udders and nipples chapped, blows and injuries joint, twists, sprains and pains rheumatic.

Dose: Apply on the affected area before cleaning and wipe improve rubefacient effect and the penetration of the active ingredients. In the case of mastitis apply after each milking.

Route of Administration: topical
*Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

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