Absorvet - Methyl salicylate, synthetic camphor, and calendula 460ml.

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Presentation: 460 mL bottle. Description: Topical anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic, antiseptic liniment for external use. Formula: Each mL contains: Methyl salicylate... 0.0603 mL synthetic camphor... 0.025 g calendula extract... 0.02 mL vehicle c.b.p.... 1 mL Indications: It acts as rubefacient and allows the local anti-inflammatory process. It improves circulation in the area, it relieves pain and itching. Indicated in renunciation or lameness, processes inflammatory of them members locomotive (joint, of the tendon or muscle), shock or trauma acute and pain muscle in general. Ideal for strengthening muscles "tired" and for "tighten" tendons after the animal has carried out exercises or work heavy. Dose: Apply on the affected area until moist hair. The treatment should be given two or three times a day to get the desired benefits. Route of Administration: topical. Warnings: Do not rub. It is recommended to apply gently since the skin can lead to the formation of vesicles or blisters and irritated in excess. Keep is in a place fresh and dry, protected from the solar light. *Make sure to consult your Veterinarian before buying any medication.

Reviews Absorvet - Methyl salicylate, synthetic camphor, and calendula 460ml.

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